Off Grid Solar Power System

Off Grid Solar Power System

Off-grid solar energy systems convert sunlight into electricity without connecting to local utility grids. They are ideal for areas without public grid access. Off-grid solar energy systems include storage solutions such as batteries that allow excess electricity to be saved for future use. The main components of off-grid systems include solar panels, inverter, and batteries.
Shree Solar Power Systems provides complete range of off-grid solar energy solutions that include solar panels, inverter, batteries and complete balance of system.
An off-grid solar energy system can be used as a mobile or back-up power supply for homes, petrol pumps, medical clinics, telecommunications stations, meteorological stations, forest fire stations, village schools, especially those located in areas without public utility grids, such as a remote areas or islands and mountainous regions. In these cases, off-grid solar energy systems replace conventional power generation solutions such as a diesel generators.


Advantages of Grid-Tied Systems:

  • Become completely independent from external energy supplies
  • Avoiding increasing diesel/fuel generation costs.
  • Ideal for remote location such as farms, rural schools, petrol pumps, etc.
  • Save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges.
  • Equipment for Off-Grid Solar Systems

    Typical off-grid solar systems require the following extra components:

  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Battery Bank
  • DC Disconnect (additional)
  • Off-Grid Inverter
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